Of Sue Kendall. Burlington Books, Cyprus, 2010.

This book is written in English. It tells the story of three evil characters, that after a horrible childhood, became evil people.

The first story tells about Rasputin´s life, a person with powers. The second story talks about Catherine de Medici, a witch queen. The Third story is about Sweeney Todd, a killer barber.

I recommend this book to the people that they like mistery and crime.

Elvira. 4º ESO A (Curso 2010/11)

The book Villains! is written in English. This book tells a story about three cruel characters.The first character is Rasputin, a mad monk. The second character is Catherine de Medici, the Madame serpent. The third character is Sweeney Tood, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. All stories are interesting and impressive. The characters are very evil and intelligent, and their crime are very difficult to find. It´s a curious and strange book.

I recommend it to young and old people, but if you hate blood and the wars, don´t read this book.

Cristina Álvarez de los Reyes. 4º ESO A (Curso 2010/11)

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